Investment with Green Park Estate
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20% ROI Guaranteed

With up to 20% ‘Buy Back’ guaranteed in 12 months, investing in Green Park Estate is now more rewarding than other alternative asset classes. This product combines the security of Real Estate investment with the liquidity of asset classes like treasury bills, money market funds, etc to provide savvy investors with a whopping 20% guaranteed return in 12 months.


Our proposition is not just in your returns, it is in the security of real estate, the liquidity of your asset and an inflation-adjusted return of more than 60% when compared with the two to three per cent adjusted return of alternative asset classes.

How it works

Invest  N13.5 million in Green Park Estate and get the equivalent of your investment in land. After 12 months, Green Park will buy back your land from you at 20% of the value of your investment in addition to your principal.

Investors have the option of retaining the land, but such 0a decision would have been communicated to Green Park Estate no later than six months into the transaction.


With property valuation in the Lekki-Epe axis recording an upward trend, you can take a position in this market to diversify your portfolio. Our properties have witnessed an average of between 30-40% increase in the past 18 months, and experts speculate this appreciation will be sustained for the next two to three decades.

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