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Green Park Estate Blog

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Owning an AMDC Home with your Pension Savings

Everyone wants to own a home in Nigeria, however, there are financial bottlenecks that often limit homeownership in the current ...
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Uncommon Ways to Make Money from Real Estate

Globally, real estate is acclaimed for being a low-risk, high-reward investment vehicle for a myriad of reasons. In Nigeria, many ...
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Is Real Estate Investment Really Worth the Hype?

Real estate has been one of the strongest investment opportunities with an articulated probability of herding returns. This has fuelled ...
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Green Park Homes

How to Own a Home in Lagos with Minimal Stress

With up to 15% discount off the market value of the houses, access to single-digit interest rate mortgage that can ...
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5 Things Every First-Time Homebuyer Should Know Before Buying a House in Lagos

The life of a realtor is a conflicted one. As salespeople, the realtor makes money from closing deals, therefore he/she ...
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House Buying vs Renting – The expert guide to choosing what’s best for you

The choice to buy a house or to rent one is one of the most important ones that you will ...
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Pros & Cons of Investing in Real Estate Versus Other Asset Classes in Nigeria

Investment is a hot topic. Gone are the days where the subject was limited to a certain age bracket or ...
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3 Signs of a Quality Real Estate Development

Owning real estate is more than an investment. Particularly when one intends to purchase or build for living purposes, it ...
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Homeownership is now as low as N50k monthly. Get Guaranteed N15m Mortgage @ 6% Interest

If huge contribution is why you’re yet to own a home, we have just lowered the barrier. With as low ...
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