Alpha Mead Seeks to Lower Barrier to Homeownership with Single Digit Mortgage Webinar
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Alpha Mead Seeks to Lower Barrier to Homeownership with Single Digit Mortgage Webinar

Alpha Mead Seeks to Lower Barrier to Homeownership with Single Digit Mortgage Webinar

In the quest to support more middle-income Nigerians to access homes at affordable and flexible rates, Nigeria’s first and only Real Estate developer certified to international standards (ISO 9001:2015), Alpha Mead Development Company (AMDC) will be hosting the top echelon of the Nigerian housing finance sector at the second edition of its quarterly customer engagement forum – The Market Focus Series.

The forum “is designed to bring experts in the housing finance industry and middle-income Nigerians together in a knowledge-sharing environment; where people can have ample information about the various homeownership options available to them”, said Olusesan Ogunyooye, Head, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Alpha Mead Group.

According to him: “from our position as a leading developer, has become clearer over the years that another major factor widening the nation’s housing gap is information

“People just think it is difficult to own a home in Nigeria. While we are not trivializing the realities of home ownership in Nigeria, we are convinced that there are options that a lot of people, particularly middle-income Nigerians, are not aware of. They just think that the only way to own a home is to have huge cash in the bank or secure mortgage as high-interest rates. These are truly ways to own homes today, but they are not the only ways”.

“So, these webinar series are designed to bring the public face-to-face with public and private sector professionals to debunk the myths around home ownership in Nigeria. As an organisation that cares for its stakeholders, we take this role of creating a forum among all key members of the home ownership value chain in Nigeria very seriously; and that is why we are putting a lot of effort and investment behind these series”, he explained.

Ogunyooye noted that the company decided to focus on mortgage during the edition of the webinar because finance is a major impediment for most middle-income Nigerians trying to get on the property ladder.

He explained that participants at the webinar will be learning about different low-interest financing options, housing products that can invest in immediately and can seek clarification from the experts about any area of interest to them.

The webinar is for middle-income individuals trying to own a home, groups or cooperative societies interested in investing in Real Estate or securing affordable housing options for their members, corporate organizations and Nigerians in the diaspora.

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