Just Before you buy that Gift for Valentine, Read this Article
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Just Before you buy that Gift for Valentine, Read this Article

Just Before you buy that Gift for Valentine, Read this Article

Ladies & Gentlemen!  It is that time of the year once again.

You definitely can’t claim ignorance of the season we’re in. And I am not referring to the ongoing 2019/2020, English Premier League season, or the Dry Season we are currently in.

I am referring to the season of love: Valentine.

Over the past one-week, social media has been agog with several mushy videos, acts of love that have all contributed to setting the tone for a wonderful celebration for lovers, across the world, for the first Valentine season of a new decade.

If you are like most people, I know that you are also in planning season right now, racking your brain to ensure you get the most thoughtful gift, that your loved one will appreciate.

If you are still contemplating whether you should get the latest flagship product of your lover’s favorite phone brand, or looking to book a weekend staycation at a resort, or buy an expensive bouquet of Rose, Lily & Orchid, I want you to take a pause, and read this next sentence.

Ask yourself a question, what can I get my loved one, that will continue to put smiles on their face over the next few years.



A Bag That Keeps Shining Even After A Decade

There are several bags you can get your lover this Valentine. From Chanel, to Fendi, to Louis Vuitton, to Mark Jacobs, to Hermes. Bags that will complement her for the queen that she is. But have you ever thought about getting a bag that will keep shinning, and increase in value, every year, for the next 30 years?

This bag I am referring to, isn’t a new type of bag that has just been launched in the market, it is one that has been used to create wealth by multiple people in history. TREB. That is the bag.

The Real Estate Bag. Why don’t you take the first steps towards helping your partner acquire an asset that will keep increasing in value. By investing in properties in Lekki-Epe axis for example, you can also experience up to 400% increase in your asset value, as that area is the fastest growing in West-Africa.

What are you waiting for? Secure the bag. The shining bag.



A Parcel You Can Unwrap Every Year.

Gifts are beautiful because they show that we are cared for, and loved. And if we are being truthful, if you ask your loved one for a list of the things they want, it is likely to be a long one that includes: vacations, choice cars, fine jewelry.

What if you can get them a gift, that can guarantee that they can afford something on that list, every day. Wouldn’t he/she love such a gift?

By buying a land or making down payment on a 3 Bedroom apartment for your loved one, you can ensure they earn rental income on their asset, every single year.


A Gift That Helps Lives

Think about this scenario for just one minute. You buy a gift for your lover, and this gift becomes something that not only benefits him/her, but their society at large.

Now imagine, if this gift not only benefits their society, but also regularly gives back to your loved one? Wouldn’t that be a treat?

By getting a real estate asset as a gift for your loved one, you can contribute to the growth of that sector, and own a valuable piece that will contribute to providing housing solutions for millions of Nigerians.

Is there anything better than that? Owning a property that contributes to the greater good, and that still also earns you money steadily.


In Conclusion,

It is the season of love, take a deep breath, live a little, and create memories with your loved ones. And as you make the final decision on the type of gift you will get your lover, remember, investing in an asset that will keep paying off for years to come, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and create memories with your partner.

Look for a balance, and ensure you give your partner a valentine, that they will truly be happy about.

We don’t want to hear stories that touch!.

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