What Asset Class Pays Better than Real Estate?
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What Asset Class Pays Better than Real Estate?

What Asset Class Pays Better than Real Estate?

Nigeria is currently the largest economy in Africa with an estimated Gross Domestic Product of $482 billion, and this will increase by 2% in 2019. The non-oil sector of Nigeria’s economy is largely powered by the Agriculture, Information & Technology, Manufacturing and Real Estate industries, with Real Estate expected to contribute more than 5.63%. In 2017, Real Estate was the fifth biggest contributor to Nigeria’s GDP, and last year, the sector grew by 38% and contributed ₦1.26trillion to the economy. With Inflation Rate in Nigeria averaging 12.45% annually since 1996, and Money Market Funds returning an annual rate of 13.06%, your portfolio must be positioned to beat these percentages, and generate good returns.


Left, or Right? North or South? What’s the Way Forward?

A recent report by African Investment Group shows that over 70% of Lagos GDP by 2025 will be from properties in the Lekki-Epe axis. This means properties valuation will double, triple and even quadruple. Properties in the axis have averaged ROI of 25-30% ROI over the past 12-18 months, and with development such as the fourth mainland bridge, Dangote refinery& international airport in the works, the ROI could be in excess of 150% within the next few years.

Our developments in the axis: GreenPark and Lekki Pearl Estates have also witnessed massive increase in valuation. A 400sqm property in GreenPark has experienced an almost 100% in less than three years. If there is any good time to take a position in Lagos property’s market, now is the time.


Take Advantage of our 20% Buy Back Option

Because we are so certain of the increase our properties will have over the next few years, we launched a ‘Buy Back Option’ where we will buy back your property after 12 months of investment at 20% interest. This buy back guaranteed investment is an option for individuals who want to leverage the investment potentials of Real Estate.

Why don’t you pay a visit to our sites this weekend, so we can show you the world class infrastructure present on Lekki Pearl & GreenPark.   Schedule a visit this weekend call: Yewande – 0818 677 9802 ; Seun-0902 888 82 63   or email:Amdcsales@alphamead.com to book a convenient time.’

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