Lekki Pearl: It’s Everything You Want in A Home
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Lekki Pearl: It’s Everything You Want in A Home

Lekki Pearl: It’s Everything You Want in A Home

With few weeks to the commissioning and handing over of “Your Preferred Address”, Lekki Pearl Estate, we thought to open your eyes to an aspect of this iconic estate, which you might not have

been thinking about – If you had to Build your own home. For a minute, imagine you had the option of designing and building your own home. How would you have gone about it? What would you have included? Who would you have considered? Who would you have preferred as your neighbour? Since we’re the ones with the keyboard today, let’s take a quick guess for you.


How would you have gone about it?

Because you’d be investing a lot in the design and construction for the comfort of your family, you would have preferred to build on a land with a genuine and unencumbered title. You would have gone ahead to do a soil test and remove all the bad topsoil before you begin construction because you’re building to last. You will engage the best architects, engineers, Project Managers and material supply vendors because you wouldn’t want to leave anything to chance. You will be concerned about the quality of your building, the finishing, the quality of materials and the thoroughness of the job done, because any mistake or job not well done is a huge cost of repair few years down the line.

You’d just do everything perfectly because it’s going to be your home. If you’d just do a quick check on your list; isn’t it apparent Lekki Pearl Estate was built with you in mind?

What would you have included?

Giving your current cost of energy, we trust we guessed right that you would have done everything possible to reduce your energy cost. You would have planned for a solar system not only because it’s cheaper but because it’s also eco-friendly. You would have included an inverter battery space and looked for ways to reduce the energy consumption of the common areas such as streetlights etc. Because you like your privacy, you’d have included your service quarter in a part of the building that is not intrusive. Rather than have your travel boxes littering the house, you would have designed a box room to store them. Since you travel far and wide, you’d also have loved to have the type of large windows you saw in France the last time. You’d rather have a walk-in closet than have your designer wears stock away in the cupboard.

Who would you have considered?

Because you care about the mental and physical development of your children, we know you would have planned for a ‘children play area’, where they can play in a safe and secure manner. You would have also designed your home, to make certain your guest room is separated from the other rooms, to ensure you and your guest’s privacy.

In addition, we know you would have included a terrace in your building, to enable you have and constantly experience a panoramic view of your home.

Who would you have preferred as your neighbour?

If you were to select who your neighbors will be, we know you would want to live with people, who desire the same quality of life. You would want to live in an estate of people who have high taste,

standards and are principled.

We know you will want neighbors that will make living within the estate, a stress-free and blissful one. At Lekki Pearl, you will be living with individuals who are respectable, reasonable, family-oriented and will make it a worthwhile experience.

Your Preferred Address

If these specifications are the things you would have added in your home, if you were the builder, you’d just have designed a home that is pocket-friendly, functional and that exudes your personality. Because we know how much you desire these in your home, we have built Lekki Pearl just for you. It is not just another estate, it is a place you can truly call home, and we look forward to handing you the keys to your home at Lekki Pearl Estate in a few weeks.

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